You Enjoy

by Lily Antflick and Steven Mechlowicz

Remember when we were kids, and we were not rushed and playing in the streets was our time — to just enjoy? 

Simply being surrounded by the people, sounds, tastes and smells of New York quickly reminds us that we are fortunate to live here. 

Our entry entitled, “You Enjoy” is a two-fold look into both our passion of exploration, and into the diverse passions or sources of enjoyment of the strangers we encountered during our adventures in the city. 

It’s often the simple things that spark human enjoyment — a delicious meal, a smile from a stranger, some quality time with your dog, a good cup of coffee...

It is these moments of personal value that we savor. These small moments are what we all share and remind us of our common search for joy. 

With that, we hope that everyone finds that place, that person, that feeling of enjoyment amidst our wired up world and takes a moment to truly relish it.