It’s no surprise that Instagram, a popular app that allows us to visually document our daily lives, would also serve as the ideal platform to post photos of food. But perhaps no one could quite guess the fierceness at which the personal sharing of meals would permeate the platform. Nowhere else are we so vividly granted access into the food consumption of others. It’s now socially acceptable to begin a meal with a bird’s eye shot of the beet salad and lemon-chili papardelle. Forget about the dish getting cold, if the light’s not right and the angle’s off, we will gladly get up on our knees, unabashed, to take that perfect pic. Plus, toasting is so passé when you have a photo to upload, a restaurant to check-in to, and a descriptive hashtag to devise.

Some food-enthusiasts have even capitalized on the trend, creating accounts solely devoted to sustenance. With more than 30,000 followers, @TasteToronto aggregates mouth-watering food pics from local restaurants by encouraging followers to tag submissions with #TasteToronto. Only the best images are selected for the ultimate Toronto culinary tour, inspiring followers to try out new spots simply by posting that perfect dish. The founder plans to expand to more cities based on @TasteToronto’s success. Can you say crowd-sourcing at it’s most delicious? 

And then there’s the professional food photographers and stylists. @alice_gao, @idaclerk, and @marte_marie_forsberg, are just a few with followers ranging between 80,000 and 580,000. These accounts post beautiful images of fruits, dessert and coffee artfully displayed on vintage table tops and crisp white sheets, surrounded by wildflowers and old books. It seems that still life lives on, especially when there’s chocolate cake involved. 

Inspired, we share with you a selection of our favorite food Instagram pics. Enjoy and feel free to tag your own pics with #nommmstagram so that we can see what tasty plates you’ve been nomming lately.