When I sit down to eat I usually focus on smell, visuals, and taste. I’ve consumed countless heads of broccoli, dozens of peppers, and bushels of carrots, but thought of them solely as nourishment and filling. 

I wanted to see these vegetables in a new way. Rather than thinking only about cooking them, I figured I’d cast them in a slightly different light. I began creating prints of vegetables that I used for shirts and posters and then I spent a day screen printing with Michael Souter, an artist and my former Creative Director at the digital agency Post+Beam. 

Michael introduced me to the looser side of screen printing. Paint as texture not graphic, screen as brush not stencil, and mistakes as positives not hiccups in a perfect process. This gave me the backdrop I’d been looking for, an organic canvas re-purposed, painted, sanded, and finished with a fresh vegetable portrait.